Özgür Çınar, M.D.

Professor of Histology and Embryology

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About me

Professor of the Department of Histology and Embryology in Ankara University School of Medicine. 

Scientific interests include, oocyte and sperm physiology, and embryo development and stem cells.

Study area


Currently, my primary research area is oocyte physiology and embryo development.
Please see below.  

Stem Cells

Stem cells are promising source to treat many diseases. Among them, we focused on human umbilical cord stromal cells and recently, we are running a clinical trial related to cardiovascular disease.

Assisted Reproduction

I served as a director and primary embryologist in an IVF lab more than 6 years, then I decided to move my experiences into scientific area for research purpose.

Education / Eğitim

Please visit "My Lectures" page to get my slides. 
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Oocyte-Embryo-Sperm Studies

Oocyte (egg) is a unique cell as it is at the last step of cell differentiation. On the other hand, after fertilization it loses differentiated character and become a totipotent stem cell. Therefore, I think that it is a good model to understand this transaction. Moreover, mitochondria emerge as unique energy source for the oocytes not only with ATP production but also with the role in the oxidative stress and apoptosis.

As a team, we are currently focusing on oxidative stress and organelle interactions in oocyte and their role in oocyte aging and embryo development. 

Scientific Publications (SCI, SCIE)

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